PlayboyPlus – Miriam Gonzales

PlayboyPlus – Miriam Gonzales
PlayboyPlus - Miriam GonzalesBIRTHPLACE: Queens, New York
WAIST: 25″
HIPS: 35 1/2″
HEIGHT: 5′ 4″
WEIGHT: 112 lbs

AMBITIONS: To take advantage of all opportunities and never settle for less. Stay humble, become successful and live happy w/my noodle.
TURN-ONS: Confidence, sensitivity, spontaneity, hard workers, cuddling, hopeless romantics, blue eyes and chick flicks.
TURNOFFS: Negativity, jealousy, complainers and people who are judgmental and insensitive. Most of all… people who stare!
IF I HAD MORE TIME I WOULD: Take up ballet. When I was a little girl, I used to dance around my room in a puffy long white dress, listening to classical music.
WOULD BE: Italy and Spain.field parties.
WORDS TO LIVE BY: –Never judge a book by its cover – you might like what you read inside.
–Never cry over spilled milk, but spill my beer and I’ll slap you silly.
Miriam was born in New York City and moved to Florida when she was 11, after her parents were divorced. “I guess you could say my dad is in his late 40s going on 22,” she explains. “I really don’t speak with him that much. But my mom is my number one supporter and best friend. After going through more things than I could ever handle, she said to me, ‘Opportunity does not knock at your door. You have to get off your ass and knock at opportunity’s door.'” Although she enjoyed cheerleading in high school, Miriam focused on theater, chorus and performing. “My favorite role was in a play called Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? I played this fat girl named Becky — kids made fun of her — who blossoms into a beautiful young woman. She learns that looks are unimportant and to concentrate on things like education

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