Playboy exclusive – Heather Nicole

October 28th, 2007

This is one of the hottest girls I’ve seen naked in quite some time. She kind of reminds me of Bree Olson, and the pictures and videos that Playboy has produced with this young hottie are incredible. It goes to show you that Playboy knows how to get the fresh young hotties nude and looking good!

Check out the free pictures gallery with this hottie and you’ll get a taste of what it;s like to be in the members only section of playboy’s fresh faces.

Heather Nicole from Playboy fresh faces

Also see the free teaser videos with Heather here.

playboy’s Heather Nicole

PlayboyPlus – Nicole Marie Lenz

July 15th, 2007

PlayboyPlus – Nicole Marie Lenz

PlayboyPlus - Nicole Marie LenzAMBITIONS: Modeling is my passion, but if Paris and Milan don’t call, I’ll settle for a film career.

TURN-ONS: Italian men with curly hair — if only I could compete with their Ferraris. Lake Erie sunsets.

TURNOFFS: Beards & Mustaches, garlic breath, Cleveland drivers.

WHEN YOU’RE YOUNG AND ON YOUR OWN: Learn from the birds, have no fear of flying and don’t look back!

A HEALTHY SPRINGTIME BALANCE: Limit the cleaning, be sure to plant your garden and break out your Rollerblades.

MODELING TIPS: Get lots of sleep (I’m good at that!). Stay alert and listen to
We’ve noticed, with some surprise, that Cleveland has begun to pop up more often on our radar. We’ve listened to the legends and admired the artifacts at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, cheered an Indians home stand and applauded Shakespeare at the Cleveland Playhouse. Recently we discovered another local attraction: Nicole Marie Lenz. Nikki picked us up one afternoon at Public Square and took us to a favorite restaurant — her uncle’s deli — for corned beef. Then it was off to the lakeshore to view the setting sun, framed by iron ore unloaders and passing freight trains. Clearly, this is a city richly endowed with brawn and beauty.

PlayboyPlus – Jamie Westenhiser

July 15th, 2007

PlayboyPlus – Jamie Westenhiser

PlayboyPlus - Jamie WestenhiserBIRTHPLACE: Hollywood, FL US
BUST: 34″
WAIST: 23″
HIPS: 34″
HEIGHT: 5′ 7″
WEIGHT: 112 lbs

AMBITIONS: To have a successful career in real estate.

TURN-ONS: Honest, secure, good-looking men with confidence, class and $$!

TURNOFFS: LIARS, jealousy, fakes and laziness.

MY FAVORITE SPORTS TO PLAY: Softball and tennis.

PLANS FOR MY PLAYMATE EARNINGS: I want to pay off all of my debt so I can start over with a clean slate.

TV SHOWS I CAN’T MISS: Desperate Housewives, The O.C., The Oprah Winfrey Show and Newlyweds.

Jamie says she’s always been more comfortable hanging out with guys, something that’s given her clear ideas about men. “I want to be in a relationship with one person,” she says with an exaggerated pout. “I’m quiet and shy, so it’s hard for me to meet new people. I’ve had only two boyfriends in my life, and they were both very persistent. It took me a good month to finally go out on a date with them. I just want to make sure somebody’s serious before I get serious. I don’t want to play games.” Okay. Serious guys. Got it. Anything else? “I like really funny guys.” Fine. Serious, really funny guys. “Who are good to their mothers.” Nice to Mom–noted. Anything else? “They have to be good talkers, because I don’t want to sit at dinner in an awkward silence.” Is it us, or is she describing the model Playboy reader?

PlayboyPlus – Jillian Grace

July 15th, 2007

PlayboyPlus – Jillian Grace

PlayboyPlus - Jillian GraceBIRTHPLACE: Arkansas
BUST: 36″
WAIST: 24″
HIPS: 36″
HEIGHT: 5′ 5″
WEIGHT: 117 lbs

AMBITIONS: I plan to pursue modeling and acting. I would love to appear in a workout video.
TURN-ONS: A guy who BBQs, someone who knows how to hit all the right spots, a sense of humor.
TURNOFFS: When someone blows their nose in front of me, conceited people and liars.
BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT: My mom always told me to strive for my dreams as though I could not fail; just have a backup plan.
WHY I LOVE MISSOURI: If you do not like the weather today, it could be totally different tomorrow; St. Louis and field parties.
SEXIEST MAN ALIVE: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
IF MONEY WAS NOT AN ISSUE, I’D BUY: A miniature-golf course.
TV SHOWS I CAN’T MISS: Reno 911!, Howard Stern, Desperate Housewives

Breaking, as in into a sweat, is something Jillian knows a lot about. She’s a certified personal trainer, a career that has definitely influenced her views. “A big muscular back is my favorite part of a man’s body,” she says. “But looks aren’t really important. Attraction is more about having fun with a guy, and kissing is a big part of having fun. That’s going pretty far on a first date, though. I still have small-town-girl values, I guess.”

PlayboyPlus – Miriam Gonzales

July 15th, 2007

PlayboyPlus – Miriam Gonzales
PlayboyPlus - Miriam GonzalesBIRTHPLACE: Queens, New York
WAIST: 25″
HIPS: 35 1/2″
HEIGHT: 5′ 4″
WEIGHT: 112 lbs

AMBITIONS: To take advantage of all opportunities and never settle for less. Stay humble, become successful and live happy w/my noodle.
TURN-ONS: Confidence, sensitivity, spontaneity, hard workers, cuddling, hopeless romantics, blue eyes and chick flicks.
TURNOFFS: Negativity, jealousy, complainers and people who are judgmental and insensitive. Most of all… people who stare!
IF I HAD MORE TIME I WOULD: Take up ballet. When I was a little girl, I used to dance around my room in a puffy long white dress, listening to classical music.
WOULD BE: Italy and Spain.field parties.
WORDS TO LIVE BY: –Never judge a book by its cover – you might like what you read inside.
–Never cry over spilled milk, but spill my beer and I’ll slap you silly.
Miriam was born in New York City and moved to Florida when she was 11, after her parents were divorced. “I guess you could say my dad is in his late 40s going on 22,” she explains. “I really don’t speak with him that much. But my mom is my number one supporter and best friend. After going through more things than I could ever handle, she said to me, ‘Opportunity does not knock at your door. You have to get off your ass and knock at opportunity’s door.'” Although she enjoyed cheerleading in high school, Miriam focused on theater, chorus and performing. “My favorite role was in a play called Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? I played this fat girl named Becky — kids made fun of her — who blossoms into a beautiful young woman. She learns that looks are unimportant and to concentrate on things like education